About Us

YourHomieis a new and innovative concept. YourHomie stands for your companion. Your companion when it comes to renting your property without the additional duties and obligations such as cleaning, key transfer, reception of guests, linen change and advertising management. We attach great value to the personal relationship with you, the landlord, because YourHomie knows as no other, how exciting it is to rent your house to people you do not know: we’ve been there, we’ve done that. Therefore we took the opportunity to develop YourHomie. And here we are now! A driven and competent team that is eager to become YourHomie.

In addition to arranging the duties and obligations with regard to home rental, we find it very important to be open and consultative about the adventure we enter together. This way you always know what you can expect, and you will not be exposed to unwanted surprises, even if you have never rented your property before. A real companion relationship, in other words YourHomie!

How do we work

Coffee first’.

Before we start, we would like to introduce you to a cup of coffee at our expense. At the nearest Starbucks or your favorite coffee tent? Or at your home? It can all be done, the choice is yours. Together we take into account what your wishes and expectations are with regard to renting your home and what we can do for you.

If you decide after an informal conversation that you want to rent your house via YourHomie, we will create a profile sketch and assign you to a personal YourHomie. He or she will assist you throughout the entire rental process. The assigned “homie” will be your point of mutual interest for all questions about your home. The advantage of having your homie is that the relationship between a homie and a landlord is personal and reliable. The designated homie knows exactly what is happening with regard to your home and this allows for quick and reliable reacting with you as the landlord and your tenants. This not only supports a better communication but also allows for reliable tenants.

With a SuperHost status on Airbnb, we know, as nobody else, what you have to arrange and look after when renting a home and how to generate maximum occupancy. Due to our extensive practical experience, we are extremely suitable to facilitate and support you in renting your home. It is of course possible to transfer the entire rental process to us, but it is also possible to transfer a specific part of the rental process to us such as advertisement management, check-in/check-out, cleaning, linen and rental advice.